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Part 2 After all, he deliberately pretending invisible, it is advantageous that the world is flawed, and that way he can see that you represent in reality. After all, modern, morally dying world, is a proving ground, God, where he is constantly testing you, he wants you to no matter what remained selflessly noble people that always keeps the only love, happiness, and catching the light of optimism, and stored in itself a religious sanctity of such people, it gives a special aura of holiness consists of pure light from which impure forces will melt, reading at the same time the sacred prayer, you can not go no evil power of this world, creatures from hell are you afraid of, and your holy prayers will deliver impure forces of every kind of evil but a hellish pain. It is understandable, because by your side and protect will be the God and his angels, who will fly up to you to take you to heaven when you die. After an eternity in paradise, much more profitable, sinful moments on earth, cal
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part deliberately pretending invisible advantageous flawed represent reality modern morally dying proving ground constantly testing matter remained selflessly noble love happiness catching optimism stored religious sanctity people special aura holiness consists pure light melt reading time sacred prayer power world creatures hell afraid holy prayers deliver impure forces kind evil hellish pain understandable side protect god angels fly heaven die eternity paradise profitable sinful moments earth cal

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