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Part 2 Just forgive them, do not be like your abusers, be above their abominations. And then you are put among the accused, and the offended by you decides to forgive you or not. It is said that God forgives, but not his cynical angel advisers, there were six angels around God, they convince God of how much he is disgusting. In the hands of an angel the scroll, there is written all your activity, after that comes the decision to leave you in paradise or send to hell. If you are sent to hell, an angel opens a hole in the underworld, and there you go along with other people in chains, the demon grabs you, and asks you: name? Looks for you in the list of sinners and says to go further and there you burn in an eternal flame. Nothing is visible, only fire and screams.
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part abusers abominations accused offended decides forgive forgives cynical advisers angels convince god disgusting hands scroll written activity decision leave paradise send hell angel opens hole underworld people chains demon grabs asks list sinners burn eternal flame visible fire screams

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