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Path Unknown In oblivion to my journey to earth, I find myself born to a home where love was present. Values of instilling a norm of love and loving others. So, I loved. I loved without the fear of being hurt and asked for nothing in return. I loved in the hopes that I would be loved, drawn to a fiction of fables and fairy tales with endings of happily ever after. I wore my heart on my sleeve not knowing I exposed my soul. I soon realised that not all humans love without boundaries and conditions, driven by human instinct for survival I learnt not all humans are selfless. While everyone goes out searching for love in a world filled with unconscious souls who don’t know how to love. When this reality set in I found myself alone, exposed, broken and bruised. I looked above and started picking up the pieces of my broken heart to only realise it was my soul I compromised. In this journey called life, pain has become my teacher and greatest friend, I embrace our encounters for we stumbled b
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