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People suffer from the inability [or so-called inability] to enjoy perfect peace & happiness constantly because they believe there must be some villain/have to be some villain/evil in their life! It seems as though they will cease to exist, in their minds even if subconsciously, if they decide/choose/allow themselves to live without the expectation/desire/mandatory outcome/happening/experience of evil, of bad, of villainy! Although all my life I have been to some degree enlightened, January 2013, which I consider my [& the] Great Awakening, I realized during this period with a certainty that I didn't want to get married, at least not with the contract! because of people/women's belief in the nonsense of having to have evil [forever]! I know freedom, they don't, yet they do! However, I always & still think it is possible & necessary to some degree to have friends & a wife, even if contracted in heart/agreement [of or] in heart, who are likewise as me enlightened! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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