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People treat me like I've killed someone! Most of my time is spent meditating, reading or submitting quotations or poems online! What kind of madness is that? When you realize that most people are racist and that most people will justify the evil if it comes from people that look like them, then you can live more peacefully knowing that you are not crazy, they are! They're living crazy! They're embracing crazy consciousness! And when people in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and older can unite in wickedness, then you're dealing with insanity. And you have to deal with them and the situation from that point of view! Seeing them and treating them like they're crazy when they bring that craziness to you! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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treat killed time spent meditating reading submitting quotations poems online kind madness realize racist justify evil live peacefully knowing living embracing consciousness people thirties forties fifties sixties older unite wickedness dealing insanity deal situation point view treating crazy bring craziness joshua aaron guillory

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