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People who say actions speak louder than words, when do actions speak? & when do they not speak or stop speaking? or start? I said things years ago that are speaking today! Speaking in my life & through other people in their life! Both words, deeds, thought, etc.! We can speak now & in the past! & what we speak now can be a result of what we spoke in the past & same goes with the future! We can speak & not speak at the same time! We can speak through thoughts, we can speak through words, we can speak through physical words or deeds, & yet everything is still the same speech or speaking & yet different! deed is word! & word is deed! & word & deed is thought & thought & deed is word! & they're all action! or act! or the act of acting! or the acting the act! relative to us, to ourselves alone, to others, to their selves alone, thought, perception, feeling, emotion, or desire of it or to it! Words speak louder than actions sometimes! & same! Past, present & future! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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stop start years today people life result spoke time thoughts physical deeds speech speaking deed word action acting act relative thought perception feeling emotion desire words speak louder actions present future joshua aaron guillory

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