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Perfection is the absolute truth! The only and always truth! Perfection is life! And life is perfection! Life is perfect! It's love, it's joy, it's peace, it's earth, it's atmosphere, it's heaven, it's everything and everyone, it's freedom! goodness, righteousness! wholeness! health: perfect health! It's infinitely absolute and infinitely relative! O taste and see and smell the goodness of life, God, you, and perfection! as one! you all are! we all are! we're perfect! we're all perfect! we're all world peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory we're all me! perfect! beautiful, peace love joy goodness wholeness satisfaction, greatness, victory, glory, truth, wonderment, heaven, god, goddess, infinite eternal life good all relationship friendship, oneness, bliss, kiss, lovely love above inside out everywhere everyone always space, spaciousness peace ease easy life, rest, energy fun contentment overflow grandness peaceeeeeee!
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earth atmosphere freedom righteousness health absolute infinitely relative taste smell perfection world joshua aaron guillory perfect beautiful joy goodness wholeness satisfaction greatness victory glory truth wonderment heaven god goddess infinite eternal good relationship friendship oneness bliss kiss lovely love space spaciousness peace ease easy life rest energy fun contentment overflow grandness peaceeeeeee

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