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Phew! Usury, you shroud living to gravity of dead, while mind stumbles upon craving for lean to return, Usurer are borrower of perspiration when time around and they are to junk saggy wire that cold grips on. Stone is your heart, usury! to frantic nations, moguls, states, firm are drenched in faze, thought, purse, deceit century's children fooling ladies for pleasures, men hang to brown leaves while some ill, attempt suicide. But I seek Allah distance between us like hell and eternal, I desire not poverty that turn you to me or I to you, torment, Nor pleasure that make usury to mirror in achieve ideal, For all loan shark to Satan's jaw when demand for interest, You're not friend till sorrow depart from your womb, You're fort till who seek when downhill say no woe! throb.
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phew shroud living gravity dead mind stumbles craving lean return usurer borrower perspiration time junk saggy wire cold grips stone heart frantic nations moguls states firm drenched faze thought purse deceit century children fooling ladies pleasures men hang brown leaves ill attempt suicide allah distance hell eternal desire poverty turn torment pleasure usury mirror achieve ideal loan shark satan jaw demand interest friend sorrow depart womb fort seek downhill woe throb

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