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Poems: My compliments, however, and no there is no flattery. In my opinion, it looks like this is the most beautiful girl in the world. You are a very beautiful girl. You're a very sexy girl. You are perfect. You're a masterpiece. You phenomenon of beauty that can not be repeated. You love beautiful melody. You are so beautiful, just magic. Do you desire, you are perfect. Soup-navel sexy genius. Do you like the sound of "the sound of roaring engine sexual smart cars": VUM) VUM) vuuuuuuuuoooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmm) You paradise, you're happy. Easy, clean, gentle, heavenly delight. You dream of a lifetime. You unrealistically beautiful. On even to the extent to which a girl can be beautiful, it's just unbelievable. You are the best gift of fate. Before your powerful sexy charm simply irresistible. You're the most beautiful girl in the entire universe. It's a great, great. You luxurious gem. This delicate pearl skin, you are a true sample of human beauty and femininity. All the othe
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