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Poems: You're more beautiful than the most beautiful. Merge forever with your spirit and inner world of your dreams, my lonely soul. See the depth of your I wonder. Whatever you give her eternal devotion: you are my life, and my eternal destiny, you are my only true choice, you're everything that I love and want. And my heart, and my mind is open only to you. You look so romantic and beautiful, your charm, your charms beckon my mind to you, it is useless to resist you, it can only be fully submit, surrender to you alone. My legs are just for you, my eyes look only at you, and I just focused on you. Everything in me is full of just you. And inside, out of love for you is incredible, an absolute ease. And from that you're not with me, it hurts the heart almost no heart attack. Earthshaking, I totally fell in love with you, over-poetic, erotic, sexual excess. Yeah right, you're my Empress, and only you, I adore, look at this temple of my love, dedicated to you, to the great altar, look ar
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poems merge spirit world dreams lonely soul depth give devotion life eternal destiny true choice open romantic beautiful charm charms beckon mind useless resist fully submit surrender legs eyes focused full incredible absolute ease hurts heart attack earthshaking totally fell poetic erotic sexual excess yeah empress adore temple love dedicated great altar

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