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Power of a ‘Rumor’. A Rumour lacks facts. A Rumour contains rubbish. A Rumour intends to spoil others. A Rumour acquires tails and wings to grow and travel. A Rumour acts as a non-stop roamer. A Rumour misleads you. A Rumour lands you in trouble. A Rumour spoils you mentally and physically. A Rumour makes you feel less confident and more stupid. A Rumour makes you feel less courageous and more coward. A Rumour makes you a fool. A Rumour creates ruckus in the society. Never ever believe a Rumour..
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power rumor lacks facts rubbish intends spoil acquires tails wings grow travel acts stop roamer misleads lands trouble spoils mentally physically confident stupid feel courageous coward fool creates ruckus society rumour

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