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POWER OF “WILL POWER” Life is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen with you the next second, perhaps some incidents might occur which you have never ever thought of; might be positive or negative. May be your whole life will change in a moment which might be as per your wish for the one you have been waiting for long or it may turn out to be the opposite case. These things are not in your hand what’s going to be happened will always occur, no one can stop it. If it’s as per our wish we are the most happiest and satisfied person the very moment, but if it’s not then what? Should we get depressed, disappointed the very moment? Or should we hang on the place where we are, waiting for the correct time to come rather doing any effort for changing the situations that have gone opposite of what we have expected for. Choice is ours just like a “Knife in our hand; which could either be used to cut fruit or our own hand”. The only thing that remains with us through our worst or g
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