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Pt. 1 Look upon the blighted Abyss, young flame. The beings that dwell there...creatures without hope...without a bond to hold on to. They have lost their way, but they survive. They only seek to feed off of the light of other beings, hoping to restoring themselves to light. It is futile. Once a soul has gone deep enough into the abyss, only beings with strong light and a true intent of retrieving that soul have a chance of bring them back. Few return from the Abyss once they've fallen so far. I would know...I fell that far at one point, but I was saved...by one of my close friends. She is more than I'll ever be.
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blighted young flame dwell creatures hope bond hold lost survive seek feed hoping restoring futile deep beings strong light true intent retrieving soul chance bring return abyss fallen fell point saved close friends

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