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Pt. 3 What now, little one? I've shown you both, the all consuming blackness of the Abyss, and the blinding light of the Sun. Each has their monsters, they simply wear different masks. One cannot survive without the other. To be true, you must find balance. You must not succumb to just one...or you'll become consumed. If you are, you have near no chance of survival...unless you have someone to bring you back. I became a monster, a shell of what I was. I was taken by the dark. I lost my will to live. I don't know how she brought me back...but once I saw her again...she cried for me. What a monster I must have become in the dark. She embraced me, I began to cry. She went to such a distance...just to bring one person back. She wouldn't let me go. I didn't think I was worth that much to anyone. Don't forget that little one. Whether you burn to ash from the sun...or lose yourself to the Abyss. Someone will remember what you once were. They will not let you lose. They are more.
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shown consuming blackness blinding light monsters simply wear masks survive true find balance succumb consumed chance survival shell lost live brought cried monster dark embraced began cry distance bring person worth forget burn ash sun abyss remember lose

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