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REALITY:  life is a gunfight and most of us are born with knives we know nothing about life when we're born we die knowing nothing too life happens we have only actions but never control pain is constant time is careless evil is a neccesity good is overlooked love is circumstantial hate is inevitable reality is suffering and suffering is reality Destiny is  unfair time Is choice and choice Is time decisions are gambles and gambles are decisions the weak must lose so the strong can win everyone Is weak before contest contest is trust and trust is contest contest is context and context is contest war is life and life is war pain is destiny and destiny is pain the more you know the more you know you don't know because leaving is coming like coming is leaving hence life is but for the living
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gunfight knives born die knowing actions control constant careless evil neccesity good overlooked love circumstantial hate inevitable suffering reality unfair choice time gambles decisions lose strong win weak trust context contest war destiny pain coming leaving life living

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