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Reincarnation and the wheel of samsara, all this is a temporary loop. In it you will be constantly confused, knocked down from the true path, call for impermanence, beckon you into the grave, for example, in one life a man married one woman, in another completely on the other, the same with women who choose themselves different husbands, Desires and instincts lure you to various problems. Buddha did not want anything, and that's why he came out of this time loop, he is out of time, that is, in infinity. Maybe we just like those ghosts who dance in their magnificent castle, and they think they are in their time, they are in the same time trap. There is an intuitive memory that time can not erase, even during rebirth. Enemies and other bad people are those whom you have offended in a past life, you need to do something good for them so that they disappear. The one who offended you in a past life, in the next life becomes an absolute other person, and wants to do something good for you, j
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reincarnation wheel samsara temporary constantly confused knocked true path call impermanence beckon grave man married woman completely women choose husbands desires instincts lure problems buddha loop infinity ghosts dance magnificent castle trap intuitive memory time erase rebirth enemies bad people disappear offended life absolute person good

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