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Religion is the number one cause of death - the death of freedom, love and happiness. And the religionists are the number one killers of your freedom, love and happiness. If they can get in your mind and seize you, they can take you away or down from these things or the experience of them. Religion can be many things, not just Christian or Muslim or Jewish denominations, but the organizations of government, which can be largely made up of them. Workforce is a religion! Anyone or anything that tries to control the souls or minds of man and bring some form of unpleasant slavery upon them is religion! And the religionists will show their devilhood or devilishment if you try to free the world. They will work together in the sickest ways to try to bring you down. But if you're like me, they will fail. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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death number killers freedom love happiness mind seize experience christian muslim jewish denominations organizations government largely workforce control souls minds man form unpleasant slavery religion religionists show devilhood devilishment free world work sickest ways bring fail joshua aaron guillory

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