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Remember it's not God - in the highest sense of the word, but man who you're battling against. If you are suffering because you're living your truth, in the best and honest way you know how, it's because the majority of people are ignorant assholes. Not legally being lifted up is probably a sign you're living right. You are one of the ones not playing the game. You're living, or trying to live, the honest dream. World peace on earth! And no, lack of knowledge of the game is not always why people aren't succeeding in it. Some people just choose to live higher. Money is fake! Creation belongs to you! Enjoy it! And one day we all will freely. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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remember god highest sense word man battling suffering truth majority ignorant assholes legally lifted sign playing living honest dream world peace earth lack knowledge game succeeding people choose live higher money fake creation belongs enjoy day freely joshua aaron guillory

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