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Remember that it was said of the Nazarene that he became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him. But the Christians seem to think this sin is flesh, or only flesh, or selfish consciousness! This verse in the spiritual bible of the soul means to become all considerations of sin and justify them as good. And to speak of all considerations or acknowledgements of sin and make them good - or for a good purpose! And there is a spiritual selfishness which is good and allows us to live happily in the flesh. The flesh is good! Selfishness is good! Flesh in some degrees can be bad! Selfishness in some degrees can be bad. Is it selfish to save the life of the flesh and to its healthy state? And if so, is it bad? And if it's not bad, is the flesh bad? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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remember nazarene righteousness god christians consciousness verse bible soul means justify speak considerations acknowledgements sin purpose spiritual live happily good selfishness degrees selfish save life healthy state flesh bad joshua aaron guillory

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