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Revelation For This Day And Time Generation January 16, 2014 ''You Can't Off With Power With Out The Supernatueal Power Of God'' Lesson: Walking in The Supernatuer Power Of God Here And Now. ''You can't Launch Off Without Power'' The bible declares God said my people suffer because of lack of reveal knowledge. Many people are trying to launch careers,businesses,ministries,conferences,or events without support. The support of Reveal Knowledge, relationship,and the right connections. You nerve see an airplane,helicopter,rocket or any other type of aircraft launch without the power of its engine,nor birds or fowls or the air without the power and strength or its legs and wings. the scripture also declares that the weath of the wicket is laid up for the just-all of the wealth that God has spoken of is not limited to money or substance, but a wealth of knowledge, skill, and information. God wants you to succeed onthe launching pad of Life. Apostle Horace Randall Sr
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