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River of Pus Listen to advice oh! laddie about a river of pus, Music like river of pus flowing from woe! tongues, One who ponder will shun to taste pus even if from a chalice, See those who's deed like a mirage from music, Staggery to a mad tree in wind, creatures dancing to sound and bend him, saying it's pleasure, No moral to unsteady feet like rootless tree, Nay, their paradise, good deeds at the teeth of inferno while dancing to tongue in smoke, Indeed world a mirage for feet who sight from afar, Nay, those who fear their Allah by that a day shun the music, and stay away from it, Verily, flesh fear either beauty or ugly fire, Allah hates stink tongue but not recite of Qur'an with sweet voice for Him alone, oh! young, To Allah we return oh! you who believe.
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listen advice laddie river flowing woe tongues ponder taste pus chalice deed staggery mad wind creatures sound bend pleasure moral unsteady rootless tree paradise good deeds teeth inferno dancing smoke world mirage feet sight afar nay day shun music stay verily flesh fear beauty ugly fire hates stink tongue recite qur sweet voice young allah return

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