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Sagas Of Aptitude Life is set of stray moments in satire,most of which encapsulated in manmade stratagem, swinging in continuous momentum,professionally or personally, knowingly or unknowingly every one keeps going. Call it serendipity or Zembalinity, one is entitled to their own opinion. And if by any chance you decide to recess it brings back a long forgotten truth,nothing stays nor did people before us nor did people after us ,delighted with the momentous conversation with a gypsy I decided to strawl around a bit grasping the silence of time
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sagas aptitude life set stray moments satire encapsulated manmade stratagem swinging continuous momentum professionally personally knowingly unknowingly call serendipity zembalinity entitled opinion chance decide recess brings long forgotten truth stays people delighted momentous conversation gypsy decided strawl bit grasping silence time

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