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(Satan-12 1/2) Satan using the Canaanite/Hebrew symbols, Shin - Tet - and Noon, can mean to save life, or one who saves life, by destroying time! The Snake/Tet is or goes into a full circle, which can represent not only binding as we sometimes negatively perceive the word but also security or to wrap around as a snake does! And Satan can also mean or represent one who uses the knowledge of time to save life! Educating men about the laws of time and the destructions of time, as in the fear of job, workforce and other things similar or of that nature! as well as the seasons for growth or the understanding of nature to override or oversee what we normally perceive as the right times for things! When and when we should not do something and when we can always do something! And as one can see with the Shin or S in the word Satan, which is teeth, can mean to feed! So a feeding people by understanding, using, implementing or teaching the laws or nature of time! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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canaanite hebrew symbols noon saves destroying tet full circle binding negatively security wrap snake represent knowledge save life educating men destructions fear job workforce similar seasons growth override oversee perceive times shin word satan teeth feed feeding people understanding implementing teaching laws nature time joshua aaron guillory

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