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Sexy Barbie. An example of how to make a compliment to a girl: That's it. God, how wonderful you are, God, damn, let me look at you, wow, it's just super, just super, my God, you have to what extent a girl can be beautiful, you are simply amazing, just amazing, you are beautiful. My Goddess. About you I will dream of all eternity, desire and desire only you. You're buzzing, ecstasy. In your eyes there is some special fairy-magic beauty. The lady of my heart. You are the continuation of my soul. Milliards of suns of joy, happiness, and love explode in the soul and this every time you see you. Compliment to the girl: With you every second is overflowing, warm, divine, sunlight of true love, happiness and joy. You sound like a gipno sitar music. I would kiss your hands and feet every day. I want to have sex all the time with just one of you. You are the embodiment of a sexually erotic passion. Only your skin color infinitely excites and falls in love. Your sexy voice excites, and the into
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barbie wonderful damn wow super god extent simply amazing beautiful goddess dream eternity desire buzzing ecstasy eyes special fairy magic beauty lady heart continuation milliards suns explode soul compliment girl overflowing warm divine sunlight true happiness joy sound gipno sitar music kiss hands feet day sex time embodiment sexually erotic passion skin color infinitely falls love sexy voice excites

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