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Shall I tell you the value of home at glance from her? That's when he enters, he greets her in faith, Your lips are tiny copper which electrify my soul, You are drencher of my faith when am about to shake, You seek to your Lord for no cobweb waylay me in our needs, You conceived in patience when he berates you, even you're right, Securing beneath as if no man better than me in deen with deed, You move my world within a tiny village in my dream to act, And adhere to me out of my paradise in faith, By the time doors decry me, you open yours, Your whisper to my wound to heal by your faith, May Allah bless your children as no soul to hide the sky.
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home glance enters greets lips copper electrify drencher shake seek lord cobweb waylay conceived patience berates securing beneath man deen deed move world tiny village dream act adhere paradise time doors decry open whisper wound heal faith allah bless children soul hide sky

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