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On 18th May 2016, Views:261
She can't forget. She can't quiet a noisy mind no matter what she tries. It's similar to waves crashing on shore. Some bigger some more frequent but they are relentless eroding her mind. She won't say a word either. She eat the pain like she always has and deny any statement to contrary. Maybe she is really oblivious to her behavior? Oblivious to the outrageous accusations she spews like a geyser. But she can't fool me. I know her. I see the change. I see her want to tell me her secrete then next minute not. I wish she let me in. I wish she could love me half as much as I love her.
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forget quiet noisy matter similar waves crashing shore bigger frequent relentless eroding mind word eat pain deny statement contrary behavior oblivious outrageous accusations spews geyser fool change secrete minute love

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Kruthika on May 18, 2016, 8:20 pm
It's simply amazing sir :)

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