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She is that girl, almost every girl in her neighborhood hated for no apparent reason just because she knew what she wanted; she was given names, but she never allowed that to change her focus; many boys came to distract her, but her silence gave her victory; she was setup by many but she never fell in a trap, instead she helped most to wake up and stop the jealousy for another sister; like every woman she fell in love and got heartbroken, but she never let a bad man to dictate how she must behave to other men who know nothing about her broken heart; every day she works on improving herself; she doesn't compete with other girls for attention or any spot; she believes that she is unique and special; she believes she deserve the best because she believes she is one of the best. And everyone want to call her my sister, my woman, my mother, my wife, because they see how she has won and tackled her challenges; because she has proven to be the best and the most needed girl to have. You could
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neighborhood hated apparent reason knew wanted names allowed change focus boys distract silence gave victory setup trap helped wake stop jealousy fell love heartbroken bad man dictate behave men broken heart day works improving compete girls attention spot unique special deserve believes call sister woman mother wife won tackled challenges proven needed girl

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