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She is that girl who had plans for herself and her life. She had big dreams; she was progressing so well until she meets him. He promised to be her side, to support her, to love her, to respect her, to be her soulmate. She tried to resist him, but because he wasn't written and marked "wrong one" she fell for him. He fooled her, he deceived her; he pretended to be everything she wanted, until the day she fell pregnant and her life turned up side down. He revealed his true colors, he started ignoring her, calling her by names. He started beating her; abusing her emotionally and physically. He forgot all that he promised her. LIFE neh! She was broken in and out, because she gave up her dreams for LOVE that never benefited her; Love that was never real and never existed; for a man who never appreciated her.
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girl plans big progressing meets support respect soulmate resist written marked wrong fooled deceived pretended wanted day fell pregnant turned side revealed true colors ignoring calling names started beating abusing emotionally physically forgot promised life neh broken gave dreams benefited love real existed man appreciated

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