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" She said seduce me with your tongue Make me cum when you come Leave it numb when you're done But you have to do it different Proposition and position Make love making your mission Leave me in submission I'm talking twitching As you're inching To my spot Make me more than hot  Set it ablaze Treat me like a maze Explore me for four days  Find more ways Than foreplay Could ever define Taste it like fine wine Make your mind mine No words needed Just mime Using nothing but hands To express your plan To devour me Empower me No need to deflower I bloom for you Make room for you Only for consuming you The right way nightly As you set me free Make love when you make me.... "
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seduce tongue cum numb proposition position making mission leave submission talking twitching inching spot hot ablaze treat maze explore days find ways foreplay define taste fine wine mind words needed mime hands express plan devour empower deflower bloom room consuming nightly set free love

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Dameon_farris on December 10, 2015, 11:55 am
Wow what an erotic poem and it great as well I have written a few erotic poems and believe me there great but this one is awesome I love it XD great job 10 out of 10 XD

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