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Show me not a Paradise with staircase leading sin, Put me hell with tunnels in miles to eternal life, I love not my Miss to naked devil in rag of beautiful hon, For deed burn to ashes when gazing at one rag admire, You sprawl to frog when I see afar to your stoop, You gait to unbridled horse to jerk off who mounted, Not your heavenly eyes of love are chaste if I swoop, And I questioned eyes that know your chest, my Orchid. I do hate your sinful river my Miss not yourself, agree, Never to a twist of river that stink, when befits overlooked, Because how its now many forget their well that serve same, when fetch for desire, villager's chaos to poultry plagued. So let me go from fiery forever not being love, belle best, Love is before mirage, marriage is inchoate without honest.
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show paradise staircase leading sin hell tunnels miles eternal life naked devil beautiful hon deed burn ashes gazing rag admire sprawl frog afar stoop gait unbridled horse jerk mounted heavenly chaste swoop questioned eyes chest orchid hate sinful agree twist river stink befits overlooked forget serve fetch desire villager chaos poultry plagued fiery belle love mirage marriage inchoate honest

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