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Sigh... why do girls suck so much? My girlfriend is currently sleeping on the bed, not because I let her kick me out of the bed (though she has before), but because she's being stupid and jealous over me TALKING to some girl at a party we went to tonight. She was trying to butt into our conversation over and over just to get me to leave, and it got so annoying and honestly just felt controlling so yes I ignored my girlfriend. Who cares? I was just talking to some girl! It was an interesting convo and that's all! What the hell. Why are girls such insecure controlling bitches sometimes? I am totally pissed that she's keeping me from sleeping on my own bed. I swear if this lasts more than just tonight I'm gonna text that girl and invite her over. Only reason i haven't already is although it's technically my apartment, she can kick me out over her insecurities. But if she thinks I'm gonna play games well then she doesn't know what's up.
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sigh suck stupid jealous party butt conversation leave annoying honestly felt girlfriend cares talking interesting convo hell girls insecure controlling bitches totally pissed keeping sleeping bed swear lasts tonight text girl invite reason technically apartment kick insecurities thinks gonna play games

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