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Simplicity and pacifism - is the maturity of the soul, heart and mind. Mankind allegedly slipped a coin, which is, in fact, will determine its fate. Where on one side of love, and the other death. Mankind slipped up children, a playing piece on one side of it, you can see the symbol of hell: a swastika, on the other side of it, you can see the symbol of paradise: a symbol of the hippie world, Pacific. Travel in space expand consciousness and thinking people. There, they will realize that such concepts as a nation, race and birthplace. They do not have any significance, as this is simply a nonsense. The nonsensical war hamper the progress of mankind. Survival of the most wicked people in the future of human DNA will consist entirely of sins. It will turn into pure evil form. It is unlikely that God will love this evil called man. World - a fun amusement park, there reigns grim merriment in the air is palpable funny, melancholy, everywhere is heard the laughter of madness. To ride on the
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simplicity pacifism maturity soul heart mind allegedly coin fact determine fate death slipped children playing piece hell swastika side paradise symbol hippie pacific travel space expand consciousness thinking realize concepts nation race birthplace significance simply nonsense nonsensical war hamper progress mankind survival wicked people future human dna consist sins turn pure form god love evil called man world fun amusement park reigns grim merriment air palpable funny melancholy heard laughter madness ride

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