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Since I'm talking about laws, it's good that I point out the law of not having to be bound to Elizabethan or lighter-complexed/complected or complectioned people's writing styles, cultures, etc.. Shakespeare's work did not bring the world to peace in mind, unless you count it by my words or works! and to some degree vice versa! Nature never says beauty, in its truth, is bound to some meter or americanized or anglocized version or style or writing or typing! or style of writing or typing! or speaking, if you will! If truth is not beautiful in itself, then maybe you're seeing wrong! Now that doesn't mean that Elizabethan or lighter-complected people's styles or cultures are not beautiful, but that doesn't mean that I or any other are bound to follow that precept in or of writing to be beautiful! Everything is beautiful! Everything is beautiful when everything is beautiful! And the truth is always beautiful! The truth is always beautiful when the truth is always beautiful! Joshua Guillory
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