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Since Then From the very beginning of my journey, You are there It last 'til i die and i know it So hard to believe at first Blaming self thou. Trusting canonized mortal Praising canonized mortal Like i was evil as what evil does Drowning from the pain Suffering from deceiver one Trusting someone who are not truly Holy Until i realized It wouldn't happen if me not against you I've been there i know what exactly happened Your spirit comes a long And yet it didn't come to my heart But then again you are with me Like somehow it develop on how i trust you right now.. At first i couldn't believe My soul is blind, My self is blind Until it belongs to you I know what makes me believe To appeal to is to make the world better -Nick Espinosa
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beginning journey til die hard blaming thou praising canonized mortal evil drowning pain suffering deceiver trusting holy realized happen happened spirit long heart develop trust soul blind belongs appeal world nick espinosa

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