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Smile of awareness first part A man between anger and despondency, illuminates both sides with unselfish nobility. Thought comes out of the depths, or goes into the depths, into dreams, into unconsciousness, where there are only fears, desires, and memories. The head is connected with the other world, the beam column around which thoughts move, your mind opens up thousands of dimensions into alternative dimensions of the imagination. A smile opens the true self, reveals the smile of the bridge to it. Crazy smile stretches to the floor it's like a cage of the soul, the edges of the lips are connected to the portals in the other world they are also smiles twisted in a spiral, a laughing gas is emerging through the teeth, a whole universe of awareness, a smile grasping at other smiles, them outward. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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part man anger despondency illuminates sides unselfish nobility thought depths dreams unconsciousness fears desires memories head beam column thoughts move mind thousands alternative dimensions imagination opens true reveals bridge crazy stretches floor cage soul edges lips connected portals world twisted spiral laughing gas emerging teeth universe awareness smile grasping smiles outward author musin almat zhumabekovich

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