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So the worlds out to get you... So what who gives a shit, nothings changed the rules are still the same, are you idealistic or cynical the only difference between the idealist and the cynic is that the idealist has their dreams and fights for them the cynic has nothing just a tired husk with nothing to live for someone who gave up when the road got tough, the idealist gets up and they fight, they crawl and they claw their way to their dreams though fire and brimstone. Why? Because they have to otherwise why would it be so hard, all the blood, sweat and tears... Pointless wastes on the road to nothing, make every drop count and get your damn dream, fight like hell cause no else is going to fight for you... Depressed people are depressed because their realists so what life's fucking awful get on with it.. The idealist gets up of a more morning and they put on a smile and hopes for the best. So do you still want to be a cynic?
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worlds shit nothings changed rules idealistic cynical difference fights tired husk live gave tough crawl claw dreams fire brimstone hard blood sweat tears pointless wastes road drop count damn dream hell fight people depressed realists life fucking awful idealist morning smile hopes cynic

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