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Soldiers Of Wind In loudest of time, no resist, Until thousands grave in our sight, In darkness of battle one endure, Until gushing over of red in enemy's heart, No surrender in endless hours when armless in enemy's hell, Until enemy's mind in squeezed of time, We are Soldier of wind, A cyclone in enemy strategy, For disarray of their fortress to graves, We have resisted to blows of forest, Where all green drenched with red, And smile never emerged from sight, It filled with corpses if you ask, Birds never sing for guns in action. If its sea of your no man We have been to sea of no hope and plunged to depth, yet we became a squid to whales of soldiers, Polluted water to their sight, Never them to see us in this is our shield, We stick like octopus to their eyes And plucked it away, And their red gushed to blue in pain and they float in sea. Over the mounts we climbed yet descend like bolt of arrows to enemy, For Afghan made us endure to it, Up and down in day and night, Another mount w
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loudest resist thousands grave darkness battle gushing heart surrender endless hours armless hell mind squeezed time soldier wind cyclone strategy disarray fortress graves resisted blows forest green drenched smile emerged filled corpses birds sing guns action man hope plunged depth squid whales soldiers polluted water sight shield stick octopus eyes plucked red gushed blue pain float sea mounts climbed descend bolt arrows enemy afghan endure day night mount

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