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Some of the most Loving people in the world are Non-Conformists. They are independent in their Own Beliefs, and do not believe something because someone else told them to. They are Freethinkers, who try as best they can to think for themselves and live in their Own Truth. They reject "trends", traditional ways of thinking, organized religions and organizations, social "norms" and follow their Own Heart. They are the Changers, the Seekers, the Passionate, the Prevailing, the Renegades, the Courageous, the Dreamers, the Philosophers, the Lovers, and they are often the ones who are most abused by the people of this Earth.
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loving world conformists independent beliefs told freethinkers live truth reject trends traditional ways thinking organized religions organizations social norms follow heart changers seekers passionate prevailing renegades courageous dreamers philosophers lovers abused people earth

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