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Sometimes I don't get what I yearned for a lot.But I don't want you to be in that list.I want you forever,till I die.May be the society is not going to accept us.But I least worry about it.I can't forget you.Your manly voice always rings in my mind.Im in love even with those little hair in your hand. Don't ignore me by asking me my name as though I'm you'r stranger.It hurts me.Remember I'm the one for you .May be those dark circles around your eyes, makes you look ugly,but it's my life,because those two eyes,which admire me are inside them. Throw away your that command of your's and romance with me.And that's not enough for me till you make me your's:)
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yearned lot list die society accept worry forget manly voice rings mind love hair hand ignore stranger hurts remember dark circles ugly life eyes admire throw command romance

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