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Speaking on karma, relative to my recent quote/thought on mistakes/misstakes, Charles Manson comes to mind! Charles Manson created/discovered a philosophy &/thought in his mind that, relative to the system & nature, led to his incarceration many times! Just because someone does something to you doesn't mean you have to kill/do evil back to them! especially not every single time! Charles Manson, although his life was in perfect harmony with his script, did things & was apart of things that led to his imprisonment! Which did to some degree affect his mind! & thus was to some degree an imprisonment in his mind! For him/the so-called Manson Fam. to kill Tate & the others, including the LaBiancas, & then feel it was karma/their karma doesn't stop/didn't stop Manson from experiencing his! Manson's incarceration was good relative to me & for the consolation of wisdom & thought-similarity between him & I on some things & even for himself!but bad on many other levels too!- Joshua Aaron Guillory
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