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Strolling along with not a care I see people all around me wondering around without a purpose, without guidance and without a care in the world. I find myself wanting to be the helping hand to guide others. But then the statement blind leading the blind comes to mind. I stop and take a moment of reflection... I realise I was not led by anyone but found my path. I had no guidance but my morals were correct and of course I care, I care about the world I care about the people in it, I care for my brothers and sister, I care for the misguided, I care for the needy. If there is one thing you can take from this, let it be this. Whether your alone without guidance you can succeed, you can learn the correct morals, you can have empathy, you can love and learn. If you feel alone and unworthy . Believe in yourself and good will come. Walk your own path. You don't always need to follow the roads of life. Make your own way... Ty Alberto
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strolling wondering purpose find wanting helping hand guide statement leading blind mind stop moment reflection realise led world people brothers sister misguided care needy guidance succeed correct morals empathy love learn feel unworthy good walk path follow roads life alberto

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