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Suicide! It's not worth it, I will tell you why. Ending Life, is permanent never to be repeated or experienced again in any way or form. The pain, loss, emptiness, depression, anger, frustration, sleep deprivation, loss of Lobito, no appetite, no motivation, or being bullied and degraded, no feeling of love or being loved. At some point it all comes at once, and to much to carry on your own. That's when you need to reach out to one you know cares, may not be a family member. If you don't it may be your last day! Reaching out in the right direction is not being week, but seeking help to live, reaching out in the wrong direction will lead to you're last day! The wrong direction, is towards your friends and family. Because you have been hiding it so long, they think this is just new and you will get over it. Then it's to late for you! The right direction is towards the person that has showed concern over you in the last 6-12 months. Because they have noticed a change because they genuinel
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suicide worth life permanent repeated experienced form pain emptiness depression anger frustration sleep deprivation loss lobito appetite motivation bullied degraded feeling love loved point carry reach cares member week seeking live reaching lead day wrong friends family hiding long late direction person showed concern months noticed change genuinel

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