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Sweet, sweet as honey. You're sweeter than any candy. You have the talent to captivate the guys for their beauty. Your beautiful image of a gentle heart overflows with love for you. Goddess of all men. You are the most gentle in the world. You are wonderful. You as a model in these photos. Original and stylish. Pretty number one in the world. If you radiate a special energy of love and pulling for you. With you always want to be always and forever. With no one way can not be as good as you. You are infinitely deep and beautiful as the universe itself. Because it's simply not possible. After you stylish, cool, cool. As you have all that is in the ideal image of a woman. Fantastically beautiful. Moon Flower, gently shimmering in the sunlight. How beautiful your eyes, like a fish, I want to plunge back to see you sitting on his throne, beautiful creature mermaid her voice manish you, just your arms, I shall find eternal rest. Awesome adhesive skromnyashka. I can not believe my own eyes, h
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sweet honey sweeter candy talent captivate guys beauty heart overflows goddess men gentle wonderful model photos original pretty number world radiate special energy love pulling good infinitely deep universe simply stylish cool ideal image woman fantastically moon flower gently shimmering sunlight fish plunge sitting throne beautiful creature mermaid voice manish arms find eternal rest awesome adhesive skromnyashka eyes

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