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Tell me not you're cutting flower of life, spouse, because in his home all remains toothless roar when he comes eve his paws bleed but he lose, feeling I, for impotent king while all runt outroar, you grumble like lean moon that men glance at, it take a while before it bright, ripe smile, you douse in fear to little doe alone starring at all in wild not beloved of starves spoor in mile, call in oh! spouse to him for sake of God aloft, And tell not a disgrace noon when sun bedim, when your moon teary eyes without sweet tonight for all men reflow when mate heart console them, truth being espoused what a tough and tender surviving, Love is a path in between tears and joy of living.
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cutting flower life home remains toothless roar eve paws bleed lose feeling impotent king runt outroar grumble lean glance bright ripe smile douse fear doe starring wild beloved starves spoor mile call spouse sake god aloft disgrace noon sun bedim moon teary eyes sweet tonight men reflow mate heart console truth espoused tough tender surviving love path tears joy living

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