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The arrogance and narcissism of people who condemn homeless people for using the money given them for alcohol and drugs. These are thesame people who work all week just to get drunk and wasted on weekends so as to buy themselves a new reality and forget what life is like, even for just a moment. But they like to condescend and dictate to a homeless person who is at the pit of hell, who needs the drink the most, not to utilize money given to them for escapism; to forget, to not have to feel the fire, to die for a while to a burning hell. If anything they most deserve the pleasure. The pleasure of not knowing, for a little while, how blindly dark the room is.
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arrogance narcissism condemn alcohol drugs thesame people work week drunk wasted weekends buy reality life moment condescend dictate homeless person pit drink utilize money escapism forget feel fire die burning hell deserve pleasure knowing blindly dark room

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