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The bitterness and judgmentalism of religious folk is why people are gradually and hastily moving away from them - their teachings and mentality or the devotion to it. I know the mentality of religious people because I used to be apart of a religious group. And there's a hellish hate that emanates from them. They're always trying to enslave people into their tyrannical beliefs and they think this is good. They do lack compassion. If Satan was real and he was a man, and they knew he was Satan, they probably wouldn't feed him. They probably wouldn't ''love their enemies.'' That's not just Christians, all the systems believe in that philosophy to some degree. ''Love your enemies.'' And how would I know to think of this unless I knew myself and had love for all creatures or creation? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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bitterness judgmentalism folk gradually hastily moving teachings devotion mentality religious group hellish hate emanates enslave people tyrannical beliefs good lack compassion real man satan feed christians systems philosophy degree enemies knew love creatures creation joshua aaron guillory

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