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The Curiosity of Love. We spend our lives from adolescence looking for someone who meets our ideals of the perfect mate. The one person who embodies our dreams of being a soul mate and significant partner in our lives. It always seems perfect at first. All smiles, heart flutters, and dreams come true. As the relationship grows you both become more comfortable with yourself, and your chosen love. Slowly each of you starts to realize the faults and inadequacies of the other. You each have dreams and loves, but they aren’t always the same. You allow each other to pursue dreams that you withhold enthusiasm for. Occasionally there’s a comment with a slightly poisonous tip that gets thrown in from the sidelines of being disinterested in the dreams being pursued. It isn’t much. Just a small innocuous comment, meant to hurt just a little, such that your disinterest is known. And the poison does its job, leaving a small black wound on the heart. The darkness opens the path to further barbs from
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curiosity spend adolescence meets ideals person embodies soul mate significant partner lives perfect smiles flutters true relationship grows comfortable chosen love slowly starts realize faults inadequacies loves aren pursue withhold enthusiasm occasionally slightly poisonous tip thrown sidelines disinterested dreams pursued innocuous comment meant hurt disinterest poison job leaving small black wound heart darkness opens path barbs

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