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The days are getting longer as I wait It doesn’t really feel so great All I want to do is be back to the happy times Where we were both a couple of dimes Now we pass each other like nothing even happened between us I know I still miss you because it still feels like I got hit by a bus If I had one chance to be back in your arms I would I promise I’ll be here for good I know theirs something inside you that tells you that you still care And people would almost tell us that it would even be rare But it would have to be a miracle if you came back We can work on and improve on the things that we lack I knew from that 3rd chance that I should have chosen you But knowing me I was confused and didn’t know what to do Now I lye here in my bed writing poems thinking you can read them Like as if it would bring you back I feel so dumb.
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days longer wait doesn great happy times couple dimes pass happened feels hit bus arms promise good tells care people rare miracle work improve lack knew 3rd chance chosen knowing confused didn lye bed writing poems thinking read bring feel dumb

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