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The demon within me Heaven where i was made Different is what i had became dark wings let to dark days As i fell down to hell A place where i knew i didn't belong And as i flew up ,a demon has come along Into the clouds i flew What has been waiting for me has grew A group of terror i made For what has been waiting for me was a knife on his hand Cut off my wings was the plan He looked into my eye Something as cruel and cold as ice For what he saw in my eyes was the demon that rose with all his might Screaming she is mine A child both demon and angel A painful screech i had made For he came behind me ripped off my wings My eyes filled with hatred as i fell off the clouds For a demon i became And soon one day he will pay for what he has done For this was the beginning of the war that i began Different... Yes,I have became For that angel he is to blame . So never look in my eyes , for this is the warning that you will soon die . Ashly Ortiz
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heaven dark days hell place knew belong flew grew group terror waiting knife hand cut plan looked eye cruel cold ice rose screaming child painful screech ripped wings filled hatred fell clouds demon day pay beginning war began angel blame eyes warning die ashly ortiz

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