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(The Devil, God, World Peace 10 of 10) My heart is testing man! The more they hate me the more they hate them self! My words are testing man! The more they hate me the more they hate themselves! And the same too with love! Test is a time and a timing and before the time or timing! And after it remains what was and is! World peace! You are world peace! You have and are your test! You have passed and are passed your test! When will you accept it, is the test! And when you accept it, you have passed the test! Peace! Peace! Peace! World peace! Nothing less, nothing greater, perfect! World peace! Infinity! Simplicity, Profundity! And and in honesty! peace - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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devil god heart words testing man hate love time timing remains accept passed test greater perfect world infinity simplicity profundity honesty peace joshua aaron guillory

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